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Obstetrical & Gynecological Associates, Inc.

Although the partners at Obstetrical & Gynecological Associates, Inc. (OGA) had allocated a reasonable amount of money and time to marketing their practice, the methods they used in the past had failed to create a consistent image in the market.  They recognized that competition for the type of patients they wanted was increasing, and they wanted to make sure they were seen as the place for women’s healthcare.  At the same time, they wanted their message to connect with a younger population of women who were increasingly tech-savvy.

Strategic Innovation started with a facilitated session for the three partner physicians and the RN, Office Manager.  Based on information-gathering and a pre-meeting interview with each individual, Jane provided exercises to help the group understand where they were aligned and where they needed to come to agreement.  Together, they reached consensus around who they wanted to be and who they wanted to serve—and that formed the compass for moving forward.

Using that foundation, Jane worked with the doctors to design a new logo to enhance their brand and oversaw the application of the brand to business cards, appointment cards, recall post cards, and other stationary.  She also helped OGA strategically place their images and messages in local media, increase the visibility of the practice at event sponsorship, and develop a new more functional website.  To see how that works, visit

Sample Ads from Local Women's Magazines

Change as fundamental as this doesn’t happen by chance, and a brand is only real when your customers experience it.  To make sure this would happen, Jane designed an offsite session for the staff to help them see how their behaviors each day ultimately define the brand.  As a group, they identified areas that needed to be addressed and how the new behaviors should be reflected in the staff’s performance management system.

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