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Housing Opportunities

Having recently acquired another agency, Housing Opportunities (HO) realized that their brand was no longer clear and needed to be updated.  Following an extensive RFP process, HO retained Strategic Innovation to rethink, refresh, and solidify their brand. 
Jane designed and delivered a quick but thorough research process to get a better understanding of the current state.  This included 18 interviews with key donors, volunteers and board members, four focus groups with mixed individuals from the communities they serve, and an online survey of 500 people from their database.
Based on the findings from the surveys and facilitated exercises with HO leadership and staff, Strategic Innovation clarified the organization’s key messages, developed a tagline that emphasized the process they use with clients, tightened and cleaned up the core brand image, and created several sub-brand elements to help audiences understand the wide range of serviced HO offers.  We also rewrote and redesigned their communication tools and created a tool box of templates so they could consistently apply the brand in the future.

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