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The Senior VP of Human Resources for Lozier, the leading manufacturer of innovative store fixtures, wanted to transform her department.  Historically, the department of 20 had focused on compliance and accuracy of transactions, and now they needed a strategic focus and a flexible structure that would allow them to be true partners of the rapidly evolving business.  Lozier retained Jane to design and facilitate an offsite learning and planning experience.  


The two-and-a-half-day session began with exercises designed to set a climate of innovation and to encourage open-minded thinking.  Working in small groups, the participants were provided with information and hands-on exercises designed to help them hear, experience, and internalize the gap between their current focus and the type of HR that would be required to achieve the company’s rapidly changing business goals.   


Working in small groups on the final day, the team presented possible re-designs for the HR function.  Together, they selected the most promising elements of each and crafted a first draft that would be submitted to senior management for approval.  By the end of the session, the group had a shared vision of where they were headed and a strong commitment to the specific action steps that lie ahead.  Each individual had completed a personal set of commitments that was sealed and would be opened in six months to see if they were staying true to their commitments. 

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