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Center of Workforce Innovation

Although the Center of Workforce Innovation had an established brand, they felt that it was not being consistently used throughout the organization and that various sub-brands were popping up, with no real planned connection to their core.  The  President and CEO, Linda Woloshansky, retained Strategic Innovation to assess the  strength of their brand, to create a set of brand standards, and to create training and  tools to help them be more consistent and effective in their communication efforts.

After conducting a survey of outside stakeholders and facilitating a series of visioning sessions to review that data and explore how the existing brand works today, we determined that the brand didn’t fully reflect the future vision of the organization.  As a result, we fine-tuned the main brand to make it cleaner and easier to work with, and then we created several  sub-brands to represent the various separate entities that are a part of the larger group of services and programs they offer.  We then applied those brand elements to various templates and tools, from business cards, PowerPoint templates, and report covers, to their website and a newly redesigned Mail Chimp e-newsletter to replace the costly print version they had been doing.

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