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Sinai Forum

After 60 years of steady achievement, with 14 years under the same Executive Director, the Sinai Forum was under new leadership.  After conducting one-on-one interviews with Board members, Jane facilitated a session to identify obstacles and opportunities.  Following a climate setter exercise to help create a receptive atmosphere, the attendees were asked to focus on the Forum’s history and to identify opportunities for moving forward, with a particular emphasis on the changing context in which they operated.


As a result, Board members were encouraged to explore how current technology, the economy, and changing customers expectations would impact the future direction of the organization.  Using an exercise based on Covey’s “end in mind,” they developed a list of criteria to use in the selection of speakers.  In the end, they were able to move ahead on a number of important changes, including venues, branding, and pricing changes that had always created a standoff in the past.

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