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PACT Prisoners and Community Together

Like many nonprofit organizations that have been around for a while, PACT Prisoners and Community Together had experienced a natural evolution of their mission over time.  Recognizing that their image needed to be updated, they decided it was time to revisit their brand based on the services they provide today and to restate their intent going forward.  Because federal and local budget cuts threatened the funding sources they had relied on in the past, they wanted a brand and a communication strategy that would position them to attract more volunteer and private donor support going forward. 

Using a facilitated process, Strategic Innovation helped PACT’s Leadership group identify their core services today and translate those services into benefits for their stakeholders.  These lists were then boiled down to a set of key messages that the brand needed to evoke and to a set of media that would convey them to their various stakeholder groups.

One of the unique challenges of this project was to keep their legal, registered name but downplay the role of prisoner services.  As a result, the new brand combines the acronym PACT with the color green and a graphic that suggests turning over a new leaf.  These are coupled with a new tagline that better describes their aspirational mission today—Changing our communities, one life at a time.

Because PACT consists of three sub-groups that are geographically separated in the northern and southern counties of the state, their website is an important tool to create a consistent image and message for their clients, employees, donors, and communities.  It also serves as an important tool for informing specific local audiences and for posting important information to specific groups.  For example, Board Members can download materials needed for meetings or use the archives to review what was done in the past.  Employees and clients can find important documents, like the employee handbook, by logging into the employee section of the site.  And, clients can find up-to-the minute announcements—like weather-related cancellations—on the Facebook pages that feed through to the homepage of the website. 

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