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Age Wise

For decades, The Society of Actuaries has been the go-to resource for information about retirement patterns and funding.  They produce volumes of interesting and important data each year and package it for consumption in various briefings and publications.  When Strategic Innovation began working with them several years ago, they had come to the realization that the publications they produced for industry experts were not designed to appeal to a broad enough audience to help retirees make important decisions about funding their individual retirement dreams. 


Having worked with several sub-groups and publications aimed at their traditional audiences, we were familiar with the content and suggested an infographic approach to help get their data out to a broader audience.  Working with a task force of actuaries from across the country, Strategic Innovation facilitated alignment around a brand for this initiative, the Age Wise name and the owl graphic.  With agreement on that, we developed a graphic approach for a series of five infographics.  


Although the finished products are engaging in their simplicity, the process to get to that point was anything but simple.  As a group, we started by outlining the key ideas we wanted to present, narrowed down the data that would most clearly and persuasively make the case for each, and chose a metaphor for each infographic that would create a “storyline” for the audience.  Working together to marry text to the visual elements, we created engaging ways to illustrate the data.

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